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Joy Kent Ceramics
Brand Identity

graphic design, brand identity 

Joy Kent is a ceramic artist living in Wales. Her work is influenced by the beauty and history of the country; its countryside, coastline and industrial past. She plays with the elements of nature, making very organic ceramics.

The logo contains a dynamic and broken icon, based on the gesture made by the artist when signing the pieces. Forming the letters J and K with the nails. The color palette references earth, rocks, and water.

You can see more of her work here, as well as on her social feeds:

︎  @joyouskent
︎  joyouskent
︎  Joy Kent, Joy Kent Ceramics

Logo Variation


Brand Elements


Business Card

Stamp and Stickers

2021/2022 art and crafts courses

graphic design
Image of the 2021/2022 arts and crafts courses.
Provided by Cearcal


2021 Handicraft Fairs of Castilla y León

graphic design

Image for the 2021 Handicraft Fairs of Valladolid, Palencia, Ávila, Salamanca and Soria.
Project for Foacal, federation of craft organizations of Castilla y León (

“Uniques” Sessions 2020/2021

graphic design

Design of the Posters and brochure of the ”Uniques” Sessions 2020/2021.

Forty-five renowned professionals of artistic trades participate in the nine virtual seminars of the Uniques program. The activity organized by Foacal and Cearcal and financed by the Junta de Castilla y León promotes entrepreneurship to take advantage of the potential of crafts as a generator of employment. (


Castilian Market of Valladolid 2021
graphic design, illustration

Image for the Castilian Market of Valladolid 2021.
Project for Foacal, federation of craft organizations of Castilla y León.

Demonstrations workshops poster

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